Paula Simplício

My interest around a more holistic and natural healthcare modality started when I, at a very young age, started to struggle with many pains and physical issues in my body, and felt that conventional allopathic medicine could not offer me real and long-lasting results.

During my pregnancy, I experienced a worsening of the pains and symptoms, and together with the common physical challenges that pregnancy brings, my pursuit for self-healing inspired me to train as a doula. I experienced a delightful and intimate home birth, which taught me a lot about how to be with pain and fear in a more natural and connected way. Of course, motherhood itself too is a great teacher of such matters.

I’ve been fortunate to meet Gillian, and then Mari and Natsuko, and the Conscious Alignment philosophy and practice which put me on the right track of connection, integration and congruence in all aspects of my health and life. I’m learning how to heal myself, and to heal in community, within a bodymind perspective, and this has made it possible for me to help others walk a similar path.

I’m very grateful for all these encounters that brought me to where I am in my life today and am looking forward to the next ones. I am awed by the potential and the power of awareness and the connection of our mind and body.

Education & Trainings

Conscious Alignment™ Practitioner, 2018
COA Institute, Lisboa, Portugal

EFT Practitioner Training, 2018
EFT Practitioner Training with Gwyneth Moss, London, UK

Myofascial Release Practitioner, 2018
COA Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

Advanced Doula Training, 2013
Basic Doula Training, 2013
Intro to Childbirth, 2013
DONA International, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bachelors in Social Sciences, 2005-2010
UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil