Joana Mendia

In my teens I practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics and later I studied Fashion Design and Image Consulting. I have always admired and have been charmed by the human body and its movement.

In the beginning of my career I tried to improve the looks of human bodies externally by attempting to hide their imperfections through clothes, but I soon found Pilates and learnt to change bodies internally.

I started my training in 2007 at the Pilates Institute (now called ALM Pilates) in Matwork, small and large equipment and later also trained at Polestar and Stott Pilates.

Since then I dedicated myself exclusively to teaching group classes and personal training, either in the gymnasium or privately in companies or doctors’ offices.

As a Pilates teacher, it’s very rewarding for me to see my clients/pupils get better very rapidly and recuperate or maintain their health and physical condition with a more efficient and lean body.