Conscious Alignment™

What is Conscious Alignment™?

Conscious Alignment is a form of bodywork that has its roots in Rolfing Structural Integration, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Core Process Psychotherapy, thus offering the client a holistic container where all aspects of the being can be held in a therapeutic way.

The intention of this work is to help align the body in gravity, deepen our body-mind awareness and encourage more efficient body use, thus creating not only a better alignment and posture, but also bringing more harmony and coherence into our lives.

A body that is not aligned means that the body’s relationship to gravity is an inefficient one, like the figure on the left side of the photo shows. Misalignment with gravity creates unnecessary tension and tightnesses in the body, which is often the source of chronic pains and tiredness.

Chronic postural patterns, repetitive stress injuries, age, accidents, surgeries, births, emotional wounds and other traumatic events leave their mark on our bodies. At the same time, difficult emotional experiences and other challenging life experiences can also weigh us down and be the cause of misalignment in our physical bodies. Whatever the cause may be, working to align the body is an effective way to bring more harmony into our lives, as a more harmonious body always brings more harmony into all other aspects of our lives.

The practitioner works with the body through physical touch, using only her or his hands and elbows. Through a series of sessions, the client’s posture will improve significantly, and a much deeper awareness of the connection between body and mind will ensue. The client will also learn how to use her or his body efficiently in standing, sitting, and walking.


What does Conscious Alignment work with?

Conscious Alignment works with the body as an entry point into the whole person. Since our inner experience is expressed on every level of our being, working with the body while intentionally holding the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of the person allows unresolved issues within to process and transmute.

One of the main goals of Conscious Alignment is to help the client gain more body awareness, both awareness on a subtle level and awareness in movement. This deepens the body-mind connection, resulting in a more mindful life.

While working with the fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments, we also work with the energetic system of the body to create more connectivity, flow, and coherence.



You can have single or multiple sessions. Conscious Alignment is usually offered as a 10-session series. The advantage of receiving the 10 series is that it offers you an extended container within which you can be present to your own process of transformation with a practitioner on a regular basis. Single sessions will be given based on the needs of the client at the time.

Each of the 10 sessions has its own goals and intention, as below.

Session 1: Breath as presence
Session 2: Grounding presence
Session 3: Inhabiting your volume
Session 4: Building the midline in the legs
Session 5: Extending the midline into the torso
Session 6: Releasing the back for the midline to emerge
Session 7: Completing the midline into the neck and head
Session 8: Integrating the function of our limbs 1
Session 9: Integrating the function of our limbs 2
Session 10: Experiencing coherence